Monday, March 3, 2014

#98 Lily Spring (100 Great Things about Jackson County, Florida)

Lily Spring
#98 on our list of "100 Great Things about Jackson County, Florida" is charming little Lily Spring at Hinson Conservation & Recreation Area south of Marianna. Please click here to see new additions to the list as they come online.

Flowing into the Chipola River just above the unique natural feature and caves known as "The Ovens," Lily Spring is so named because it is a beautiful small spring surrounded by a colony of lilies. It can be seen either from the river or by walking the nature trail north from the canoe launch and parking area at Hinson.

The Chipola is fed by scores of such springs, some big and some small, but few have the unspoiled natural beauty of Lily Spring.

To visit Hinson Conservation & Recreation Area, travel south from the courthouse in Marianna on State Road 73 (Jefferson Street). The entrance is via Gator Hole Lane, which will be on your left one mile south of town. Look for the sign!

Here are some photos to show you why it is one of the "100 Great Things about Jackson County, Florida."

A lily in bloom.
Colony of lilies surround the charming little spring

The spring flows into the Chipola River.

Crystal clear water from a tiny blue spring.

The Chipola River at Lily Spring

Lily Spring


Roger Moore said...

Little gem of a place!

Dale Cox said...

It is a really beautiful spot, Roger. It is not more than 40 feet from The Ovens, a cave system that I am sure is familiar to you.


Stan Peacock said...

These pictures are a trip down memory lane. When I was a child, my friends and I played along the river below the train tracks bridge and in "The Ovens" before it became flooded and filled with sand and silt. The springs are the clearest and coldest water in the area. It is one of the great natural treasures of Jackson County.

Dale Cox said...

Thanks Stan, I'm glad you are enjoying them. I think you are going to really have fun as the list goes along. I'm trying to include the places that made us all fall in love with Jackson County.