Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sharkansas movie filming continues in Marianna, FL

Film crew on location in Marianna, FL
Filming of the horror/science fiction movie Sharkansas Womens Prison Massacre continues in Marianna, Florida.

Most production work so far has taken place at Florida Caverns State Park where actors, actresses and production crew members have been on location for the last four days. Much of the work is taking place in wooded areas within the park.

As the production goes forward over the next two weeks, filming is expected to take place on Merritt's Mill Pond in Jackson County and at the historic Russ House in Marianna, which will double as a café or restaurant in the movie.

Lead actress Traci Lords (Cry-Baby and Zack and Miri) will arrive in Marianna next week to begin filming her scenes.

Actresses on location in Marianna, FL
Producers and directors of the film indicate that they do not have need for extras at this time, but they are contracting with numerous local businesses to provide services for the project. Edd Sorenson of Cave Adventurers confirmed yesterday that his company is providing boats and other services for the movie, parts of which will be filmed underwater and on the banks of Merritt's Mill Pond. Several Marianna restaurants are providing catering services and the crew and cast members are renting dozens of hotel rooms from Marianna area hotels.

Sources close to the production indicate the filmmakers are so pleased with the Jackson County area that they plan to return for a second production later in the year. Several other movie and television production companies also are considering the area at this time.

Sharkansas, which seeks to capitalize on the shark movie frenzy created by the film Sharknado in 2013, tells the story of an oil drilling company that accidentally creates a crack in the earth. The accident unleashes a swarm of gigantic prehistoric sharks from a lost underground ocean. As fate would have it, the sharks surface in caves and waters surrounding a prison for women in Arkansas.  Jackson County, which offers rocky cliffs, deep woods and clear springs and lakes, is doubling for Arkansas in the film.

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