Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More on Webbville

A few days ago I posted some information on Webbville, one of the earliest settlements in Jackson County and possibly still the "official" county seat. This is another photograph of the site, showing the pine and cedar trees that grow where the bustling little community once stood.
If you are interested in reading about Webbville in a little more depth, an article I wrote on the subject some time ago will be appearing in this week's issue of The Jackson County Times. A weekly newspaper headquartered in Marianna, the Times available at locations throughout Jackson County. You can also subscribe online for delivery by mail at: http://www.jacksontimesonline.com/subscribe.html.


nanismith said...

What do you mean when you write that Webbville is "possibly still the 'official' county seat" of Jackson County?

In reading all your posts up to this date I've noticed you have mentioned this before but I have yet to see it explained. Perhaps I just haven't read that far yet...

ps... Enjoy your posts!

nanismith said...

Yep...found the answer on your 7 Jan 2008 post!