Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jackson County in 1840

This map from the National Archives, published in 1840, shows Jackson County as it appeared during the final days before Florida. Based on surveys done during the 1830s, the map is especially interesting because it shows a couple of communities that no longer exist. One of these, Webbville, can be seen just to the left and above Marianna (near the center of the image).
Also visible are Campbellton (misspelled as Cambleton), and Mt. Vernon (today's Chattahoochee). Brown's Ferry, visible in the upper right corner of the map, is mislocated at Neal's Landing. The community actually was lower down the river. The large lake visible just below the caption for "Mt. Vernon" on the right side of the map is Ocheese Pond.
This is but one of a number of early maps of Jackson County on file in the National Archives. Looking through them provides a fascinating vew of the growrth of the county.

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