Sunday, July 27, 2014

#70 Cave Archaeology of Jackson County (100 Great Things about Jackson County, Florida)

Beautiful cave in Jackson County, Florida
The remarkable archaeology of local caves is #70 on our list of 100 Great Things about Jackson County, Florida.

Please click here to see the entire list as it is unveiled.

Archaeologists from the University of West Florida spent this summer pursuing real and intriguing scientific research in Jackson County.  The field school focused on cave sites at Hinson Conservation & Recreation Area, the future Jackson County Greenway and a prehistoric cave site on private property near Marianna.

Learn more by watching this great video from the Florida Public Archaeology Network:

I had a great time getting to know Gregg Harding (featured in the video) and other students and faculty members from the University of West Florida.  They were consummate professionals who came out of a true love for our community and its unique archaeology.

It was particularly rewarding and nice to see how much they enjoyed and respected the people of Jackson County and the high regard with which they held our beautiful places and rich past.

We wrapped up the weeks of Field School with a cookout at Citizens Lodge and an after dark tour of the historic and haunted Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail!

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