Sunday, June 15, 2014

New photo of Ghost of Bellamy Bridge?!

Does a photo taken last week on the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail near Marianna show the legendary Ghost of Bellamy Bridge?

Shortly after taking the cell phone photo, the photographer - who has asked to remain anonymous - noticed a strange anomaly in one part of the image. An enlargement of that section of the photograph shows what appears to be the face of a young woman surrounded by what could be described as a veil or shroud.

The mysterious "face" that appears in the anomaly is complete down to its eyes, ears, mouth, nose and even eyebrows.

The photograph was taken at the overlook where the heritage trail reaches Bellamy Bridge. You can examine the image yourself below. Please share your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Dale. We were camping at Florida Caverns back in October and finally made it out to the Bridge. No sightings that night but we were definately feeling the history.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your Jackson County information. I grew up close to Bellamy bridge and spent alot of my youth on the river and the woods across the bridge and always felt at peice there for some reason. However in the early 80's 82 or 83 a friend and I heard of a large group coming to camp to see the ghost of Bellamy bridge. Being youthful and playful we decided to camp out in the woods across the river. I taped two flash lights to my thighs and put a sheet over my head. At midnight I turned on the lights and ran around the woods and heard people shouting and screaming. Iam sure anyone there will swear on there grave they seen the ghost of Bellamy bridge.

I always said I was born in Jackson County and would die in Jackson County it may come true as I still live in Jackson County but Jackson County Alabama.