Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ghost caught on camera at Russ House in Marianna, Florida

Ghost of the Russ House?
People have long claimed that Marianna's historic Russ House is haunted and now a strange series of three photographs may just prove it!

The photos were taken two weeks ago during one of the most severe thunderstorms to hit the city in recent memory. Lightning was crackling so severely that static electricity could be felt inside the Russ House and the rain was falling so hard that Lafayette Street, less than 50 feet away, could not be seen.

The series of photos were taken in order and show an unusual feature zipping upward through one of the rooms in the historic structure. Do they show the famed ghost of the Russ House?  Did the electricity from the storm bring it out?  You can see all three in order below.

Whatever the photos show, they are now part of the legend of the house which has attracted various groups of paranormal researchers, ghost story lovers and just those who enjoy beautiful architecture.

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Flordygirl2U said...

Very interesting. I wonder why they linger?

Anonymous said...

Looks like ball lightning. My husband once saw this come out of an old phone during a thunderstorm. Photos of it are rare.