Friday, July 5, 2013

Flooding forces temporary closure of Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail (July 5, 2013)

Flood waters cover the trail
Rising flood waters from the Chipola River have forced a temporary closure of Jackson County's popular Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail.

The unique trail provides public access to historic and purportedly haunted Bellamy Bridge, long a cultural landmark of the county.

As of this noon today (July 5, 2013), water was at least three feet deep across portions of the trail and was rising rapidly. Heavy rain from a tropical depression has brought the Chipola River out of its banks in northern Jackson County.  More rain is in the forecast for the weekend and the river rise may not crest until early next week.

Until that time, Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail is closed for access to the bridge. I will keep you updated on flood conditions affecting this and other recreation areas in the county, so watch for updates over coming days.

Here are some photos of the flooding at Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail. These were taken today:

Flood waters run through the swamp along the sides of the elevated trail.

Water flowing through the first trail gap.

Water flows over the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail

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