Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ghost hunters make "electric" discovery at Bellamy Bridge!

Bellamy Bridge
A team of paranormal investigators has uncovered evidence of unexplained electric "pulses" at Jackson County's famously haunted Bellamy Bridge!

The investigators from Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts, who conducted previous research at the historic Russ House in Marianna, are conducting research at Bellamy Bridge in cooperation with the Friends of Bellamy Bridge. The project is producing results and video that will be used in a documentary being prepared about Bellamy Bridge.

Bellamy Bridge is Florida's oldest bridge of its type and is accessed by the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail at 4057 Jacob Road (Hwy 162) north of Marianna (Note: The old access by way of Bellamy Bridge Road is no longer open to the public). 

Team from Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts
Local legend holds that the area around the bridge is haunted by the ghost of Elizabeth Jane Bellamy, a young woman who died on May 11, 1837. The presence of her apparition has been reported at the bridge and the wooden bridges that stood at the site before it since the 1800s. A Marianna newspaper reported in the 1890s, for example, that the "lady of Bellamy Bridge has been seen of late."

According to Susan Todd of Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts, the electric pulses are baffling her team because there is no source of electricity close enough to the bridge to be causing them.  That includes power lines, lights, underground lines, underwater lines, generators, radio towers or cellphone towers.

Read more and see video of the team's equipment detecting some of the pulses at www.exploresouthernhistory.com/bellamyghost.

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