Monday, December 19, 2011

"A Christmas in Two Egg" draws Overflow Crowds!

Overflow Crowd for First Performance
So many people turned out for Sunday's first ever performance of "A Christmas in Two Egg, Florida - The Play" that the cast staged a second impromptu performance.

Based on my short novel of the same name, the play's cast featured residents from around the Two Egg area of Jackson County. Some of them even portrayed their own ancestors.

Ben's Redemption - A Scene from "A Christmas in Two Egg"
A Christian novel centered around a Christmas Eve night in Two Egg, the book and play tell the story of the redemption of a man named Ben. Angry and depressed, he finds himself alone at Christmas and disturbed by noises from his barn. As the story unfolds, it includes glimpses into the real history of Two Egg. In both the book and play, a group of local men sitting around the historic Bevis Store in Two Egg share stories of how the community got its unusual name.

The play was staged for the first time on Sunday, December 18th, at the Lovedale Baptist Church Fellowship Hall near Two Egg and the audience was at capacity nearly thirty minutes before opening time. Dozens more visited a temporary "Museum of Two Egg History" and enjoyed refreshments while they waited for a quickly promised second performance.

"Gabriel" (left) discusses his role with the author.
The cast acted out scenes from the book, all linked together by readings and story tellings. The Lovedale Baptist Church Men's Ensemble and Children & Youth Ensemble provided the opening music while the choir, with soloist Helen Davis, played the host of angels that appear unexpectedly over Two Egg at the plays climactic moment.

The church is considering making the play an annual part of Christmas in Jackson County.

If you haven't read the book and would like to, it is available through Chipola River Book & Tea in Downtown Marianna (same block as the Gazebo restaurant) or online for delivery by Christmas through Amazon:   A Christmas in Two Egg, Florida

It is also available as an instant download for your Kindle reading device or free Kindle software (available through Amazon):  A Christmas in Two Egg, Florida (Kindle)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"A Christmas in Two Egg, Florida" - The Play! (Performance set for December 18th)

Lovedale Baptist Church near Two Egg will present the stage version of my short novel, A Christmas in Two Egg, Florida, on Sunday, December 18th at 6 p.m.
There is no charge to attend, but all donations will go to support the youth of the church in their upcoming activities. If you make a donation of at least $10, you can receive a free copy of the book and I will be there and will be happy to sign and inscribe it for you if you like.

This will be a unique opportunity to travel back in time to the days when Two Egg got its name and experience a nostalgic look at life in the community during the difficult days of the Great Depression. The entire cast is from the Two Egg area and one fascinating scene brings together a group of men who will tell their own stories of how the community was named.

The play and book tell the story of an elderly man named Ben who has, through misfortune not of his own making, been left along and bitter on a Christmas Eve night. He hears noises in his barn and goes to investigate. What he finds changes not only his own life, but the life of every man, woman and child in Two Egg.

The story is fiction, drawn completely from the mind, but the place and many of the people are real. The stories of how the community by its name will be told completely unscripted by the men exactly as they have heard them all of their lives.

The audience will be able to interact with cast members after the play and there will also be an exhibit of antiques, tools, photographs and other items of interest from the Two Egg area.

Please come out for this wonderful opportunity to get to know many of the people of the Two Egg area and to experience a Christmas story that I think you will enjoy and cherish!

If you are interested in reading the book, it is available at Chipola River Book and Tea on Lafayette Street in Downtown Marianna (in the same block as the Gazebo Restaurant), or you can order it online from Amazon at

Lovedale Baptist Church is located at 6595 Lovedale Road (Bascom, Florida). To reach the church from State Road 69 at Two Egg, travel north on CR-69A (Wintergreen Road) for 2 miles then turn right on Lovedale Road and travel 1.9 miles. The church will be on your right.

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