Thursday, February 4, 2010

Volume 2 of The History of Jackson County is now available at

I'm pleased to announce that The History of Jackson County, Florida: The War Between the States, Volume 2 of my series on the county's history, is now available at for immediate delivery.

The book will be available locally at Chipola River Book and Tea in Marianna next week and I'll let you know as soon as they have a supply on hand.

The sequel to The History of Jackson County, Florida: The Early Years, this volume focuses on the Civil War years in the county. Key elements covered include the plantation era, slavery, secession, the Confederate warship Chattahoochee, the soldiers form the county that served both South and North, the Battle of Marianna, the skirmish at Campbellton, guerrilla activities including the Battles of Forks of the Creek and Port Jackson, Governor John Milton and much more.

The book is 330 pages long and includes wide ranging historical and genealogical information such as listings of all known Union and Confederate soldiers from the county, many previously unpublished accounts of life in Jackson County during the Civil War and exciting new detail on the life of John Milton, the first resident of the county to rise to the governor's chair.

The book will be followed shortly by the release of Daniel Weinfeld's outstanding new history of the Reconstruction era in Jackson County, which makes an outstanding companion volume to the new book (more on that coming soon).

All shipping and delivery of the new book is being handled by To order, just click ad at the top of this page.

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