Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lake Seminole History, Part Five

One of my favorite historic sites around Lake Seminole is the old Sneads Town Pump.
Located on Old Spanish Trail in Sneads, the pump was installed in 1899-1900 and according to tradition was the second mechanical pump in the area. The land on which it stands was deeded to the Town of Sneads for $200.
Legend holds that "He who drinks from this pump will always return" and for generations, non-local grooms of local brides were brought here for a good "dunking" to make sure that they always brought local girls back home.
It is remarkable that the pump has survived through the years when so many similar landmarks around the area have disappeared.
The site is now maintained by the Town of Sneads and an adjacent historic marker tells the story of the town and the old pump.
Our series will continue.

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