Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pender's Store - Greenwood, Florida

From the time it was first settled in around 1824, Greenwood has been an important trading community.
It is somewhat appropriate that one of Florida's oldest commercial structures can still be found there. There is reason to believe that Pender's Store in Greenwood might be the oldest operating business in its original location in Florida.
The historic store faces State Highway 71 downtown (right around the corner from the Erwin House). This is more than just a business, though, it is a living landmark. The store maintains a wide variety of items and if you can't find something anywhere else, the odds are you can find it here. Since the late 1800s, the store has been a focal point of life in Greenwood and it remains so today.


Anonymous said...

You have the WRONG state highwway listed on this page concerning Pender's Store (Greenwood, Fla). The CORRECT state highway IS 71, NOT 73.

Dale said...

Thank you for catching the typo and letting me know. It is now CORRECTED! :)