Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Cox Indian Mound - near Two Egg

This aerial photo shows one of Jackson County's least known archaeological sites, the Cox Indian Mound.
The mound is located on a small island in a pond about five miles east of Two Egg. It is on private property and is very well preserved, unlike many Native American mound sites in the area.
The Cox Mound has never been excavated, so its exact age is not known. Artifacts found in a plowed field nearby, however, are of the Weeden Island type, a strong indication that the mound probably dates from the same time period. This would mean it was likely built between A.D. 300 and A.D. 900 and is more than one thousand years old.
It is unknown whether the mound was a burial mound or was simply built to serve as a platform for a residence or other structure in the swampy area. A second mound (now largely destroyed) stood roughly 1/4 mile east of this one and appears to have been a platform mound.

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