Sunday, February 17, 2008

Riverside Cemetery - Marianna, Florida

One of the oldest cemeteries in Northwest Florida can be found in the southeast corner of Marianna.
When Marianna was founded and settled during the late 1820s, the hilltop now occupied by Riverside Cemetery was set aside for use as a community burial ground. The original owners of the property, Robert and Anna Beveridge, were also the founders of Marianna.
The oldest graves at Riverside are believed to date from the 1820s. Some of the stones and crypts marking these early burials still exist, but the names have long since faded away.
Among those known to be buried here is Mrs. Beveridge herself, one of the women for whom the city of Marianna is named. She died at Marianna in 1830, shortly after relocating to Florida from Maryland and had not yet reached the age of 30. Her exact burial site is unknown, but the oldest section of the cemetery occupies a hilltop in its western sector.


Haley said...

"one of the women for whom the city of Marianna is buried." Should that last word be "named?"

Dale said...


Good catch. Thank you for writing in. I'll correct it right now.