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Jackson County Militia, 1860

On May 7, 1860, at the order of Governor Madison S. Perry, an election was held in Florida for officers of the State Militia. Similar to today's National Guard, the State Militia served in times of crisis and performed a variety of other functions.

The militia consisted of five brigades, each made up of regiments raised in each county of the state. The counties in West Florida were part of the First Brigade, commanded by Brigadier General William E. Anderson of Marianna.

The companies from Jackson County comprised the Sixth (6th) Regiment of the Florida Militia. Each company was raised in a section or "beat" of the county. Here are the officers elected to command the Jackson County companies during the 1860 election:

Sixth Regiment of Florida Militia (Jackson County)

Benjamin F. Parker, Colonel
J.D. Bassett, Lieutenant Colonel
W.B. Watts, Major

Company, Beat 1

Captain Lafayette McClung
1st Lt. Jno. E. Collier
2nd Lt. L.F. Stanton

Company, Beat 2

Captain J.M. Williams
1st Lt. A.M. Lambert
2nd Lt. J.N. Underwood

Company, Beat 3

Captain W.H. Dubose
1st Lt. H.J. Watson
2nd Lt. F.M. Farley

Company, Beat 4

Captain David Beacham
1st Lt. Lewis Hyatt

Company, Beat 5

Captain S.H. Chisolm
1st Lt. Henry Irwin
2nd Lt. N.M. Havens

Company, Beat 6

Captain E.S. Hamilton
1st Lt. John Lanier
2d Lt. Henry Pope

Company, Beat 7

Captain G.N. Hartsfield
1st Lt. H.G. Sims
2nd Lt. G.W. McNealey

Company, Beat 8

Captain A. Sneed
1st Lt. T.E. Grover
2nd Lt. E.A. Ellerby

Company, Beat 9

Captain D.W. Johnson
1st Lt. William Vickery
2d Lt. Jno. H. Porter

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