Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Captain Henry Grace - Graceville

The faded image at right is of Captain Henry B. Grace, one of the men for whom the modern Jackson County city of Graceville is named.

A resident of the Campbellton area at the time of the War Between the States, Grace was elected as captain of a company of Jackson County men who called themselves the "Campbellton Boys." They became Company G of the 6th Florida Infantry in March of 1862. The 6th Florida went on to fight at Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Franklin and Nashville.

While Captain Grace and his men were away in the Confederate service, Union forces marched on Jackson County and the captain's home was one of the one struck during the 1864 Marianna raid. His wife and father in law were at home when Union soldiers passed by on their way to the Battle of Marianna.

After the war, Grace joined with relatives in founding the modern community of Graceville.

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Henry Grace said...

Amazing Story. I am told our family is related to him and that is why I searched him. Interesting