Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Forgotten "Malone Railroad"

This image is a section from a 1940 ma of Florida housed in the National Archives. It is unique because it shows the route of a railroad leading down from the Alabama to Malone and then on to Greenwood. Few traces remain of this railroad today.
The railroad was developed during the early 20th century by connecting a series of smaller lines. It extended south from Ardilla (on the outskirts of Dothan) to Cottonwood, Alabama and on across the state line to Malone. Eventually the tracks were extended to Greenwood.
As late as the early 1970s, some sections of the track from the railroad could still be seen, stretching across the cow pastures east of State Road 71 between Malone and Greenwood. By the 1980s, the tracks were gone and all that remains today is an occasional segment of visible grade and railroad spikes that still turn up in freshly plowed fields along the site of the line.
I would love to hear from anyone who remembers seeing this train when it was still running.

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